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    TextInput.setFocus() doesn't work

      TextInput.setFocus() doesn't seem to work if the TextInput is in a TabNavigator/ViewStack. Is this a known bug?

      I have a TabNavigator in a TitleWindow. There are multiple VBoxes for each "tab" in the TabNavigator. Each VBox has a Form with a TextInput. When the user clicks a tab to view a different VBox in the TabNavigator/ViewStack, I want the TextInput in that VBox's Form to get the focus and have the cursor placed in it. Using the valueCommit event of the TabNavigator sets the TextInput's focus, but doesn't place the cursor. I've tried "Application.application.systemManager.stage.focus = TextInput", "focusManager.setFocus(TextInput)", and "TextInput.setFocus()" to no avail.

      Any workarounds or help is greatly appreciated.