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    How do I set up a book?


      So, I've been struggling to get the CC Page turn to work on a book I'm making for a youtube video.  I finally got the front and back of the pages looking all good and like t hey are supposed to, and the page flip looks amazing.  But it only really works for the first page.  After that, the pages turn underneath each other.  And while I understand WHY they do that (because of the order they sit as layers in the comp) I can't figure out how to make the 2nd flip on down flip over the pages before them.  I have been searching relentlessly for a solution but have yet to find any.


      Is there a certain way you have to set the pages up?  I have also heard something about duplicates but I have yet to see it work.  any help would be greatly appreciated as I only have until Monday to finish this project