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    Little effect lines



      How to get such little line effects like on the pictures? The ones over the players please.

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          Use the line tool for the vertical lines.

          Set the line thickness in the 'Weight' field in the Options bar.

          Make sure it is set to Shape

          Set Fill to black, and stroke to None.


          Add a new layer

          Ctrl a to select all

          With black as your foreground colour, go Edit > Stroke choose Inside and amount the same as the previous line thickness.


          Job done.


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            davescm Adobe Community Professional

            Do you mean those diagonal lines across the whole image?


            If so:

            1. Create a pattern of black and white horizontal lines (use the line tool then Edit-Define pattern)

            2. Add a layer above your image and fill it with your pattern

            3. Edit -Transform - Rotate that layer to make the stripes diagonal then use Content aware fill to fill the gaps at the corners

            4. Set blending mode to Luminosity and reduce opacity to suit the image and get the effect you want





            Edit : Haha - I hit the reply button and find Trevor has beaten me to it

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