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    Lightroom 6 windows 8

    mark DS

      I have used lightroom on a course and was impressed - brought the disc and and it does not work on windows 8!!! Frustrating as I do not have a degree in IT but just expect to load and go! Anyone else experienced this and any solutions? Brought via amazon so have left a bad review and requested a replacement but no guarantee problem has gone away.

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          Ussnorway Adobe Community Professional

          I have an Asus S500ca that runs Lightroom + Photoshop cs6 without issue on Windows 8... are you sure you have 8 and not 8.1 perhaps as the drivers are very different?

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            BKKDon Level 4



            You need to provide a little more explanation rather than it doesn't work, is there an error message when it starts?


            Does it install on your PC?


            Is your copy of Windows 8 64bit?


            Do your PC meet the technical requirements? System requirements for Photoshop Lightroom for Mac and Windows OS


            Have you installed the latest version if your PC meets the technical requirements? Download Photoshop Lightroom

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              mark DS Level 1

              I manage to get it loaded - get to the opening screen with the trees - then almost immediatly get a windows message "lightroom has stopped working, windows is searching for a solution...it then just logs out.

              I've a lovono laptop brought in 2015 - windows 8. the spec seems to meet the requirements on the box - I manage to run elements 15 Ok on it albeit a bit slow to load raw files.




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                BKKDon Level 4

                The Windows event viewer will give a fuller description of the problem you are having and you can post that here.


                Also make sure you are running version 6.9 - the updates can be downloaded from the links above.

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                  mark DS Level 1

                  much appreciate the help. Windows 10, Intel celeron 2.16 ghz chip, 64 bit operating system, 4 gig ram. Lenovo B50 laptop. The disc shown as lightroom version 6. The error box says "a problem caused the programme to stop working. Windows will close the programme and notify you if a solution is available". This comes on from the opening screen with the forest photo. Any help very much appreciated. Brought a disc as live in a rural area with v.slow download speeds.






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                    BKKDon Level 4

                    Please download the 6.9 version of Lightroom from the link above and install that.


                    Start the event viewer by typing 'event' in the search box, execute that and search for the error (has a red icon with a ! in the center) reference lightroom and post that here thanks.

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                      mark DS Level 1

                      I've given up on the discs and have returned them to Amazon. I will try the download instead. The initialiser on the second disc did not even start - the error message flashed on/off before I could even take a note of what it said.

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                        Hi Can Anyone help me?

                        I have access to the new cloud and I want to use light room, but when I try to download it, it says: 'This computer doesn't meet the minimum requirements to run Lightroom CC.'

                        My HP PC data is as follows:

                        Product D: 00258-61815-75053-AAOEM

                        Processor: Intel (R) Core (TM) i305010U CPD @2.10 GHz 2.10 GHZ

                        Installed Ram 12.0 GB

                        System type 64 Bit operating system, 64 based processor

                        Pen and Touch: 10 touch points

                        Windows 8.1

                        Thankyou kindly