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    JavaScript is enabled but form field scripts are not working in Adobe Reader DC



      I've designed a very simple form in Acrobat Pro DC, with a bit of JavaScript, which is intended to handle risk evaluation in program management.

      The functionality works in the following applications installed at my organization: Acrobat Pro DC; Acrobat Standard 11; Adobe Reader 11.

      My client is using Adobe Reader DC, with JavaScript enabled, but none of the script functions at all - neither the Calculate scripts nor the Mouse Up actions.


      There is a grid composed of 25 squares (for which I'm using a radio button, "Current_Risk", with 25 choice elements); there are two associated dropdown fields, "Current_Likelihood" and "Current_Consequence". The choices are labeled by likelihood and consequence - for instance, L5C1, or L2C3.


      Setting both Current_Likelihood and Current_Consequence sets the value of Current_Risk, selecting one of the radio button choices.

      Clicking on one of the radio button choices sets the appropriate likelihood and consequence ratings in the drop downs.

      There's also a button that resets both the radio button and the two dropdowns.


      The code in Current_Consequence's calculate script is:

      var Current_C = event.value;

      var Current_L = this.getField("Current_Likelihood").value;


      this.getField("Current_Rating").value = "L"+Current_L+"C"+Current_C;


      The code in Current_Likelihood's calculate script is similar:

      var Current_L = event.value;

      var Current_C = this.getField("Current_Consequence").value;


      this.getField("Current_Rating").value = "L"+Current_L+"C"+Current_C;


      The code in the radio button elements' "Mouse Up" action looks like this (for L5C1):

      this.getField("Current_Likelihood").value = 5;

      this.getField("Current_Consequence").value = 1;


      Finally, there's a button with this code in "Mouse Up":



      As you can see, it's all very simple.

      Does anyone know why this might be functional for some installations of Reader but not others?


      Thanks very much!