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    Unable to change transition from dissolve

    alexanderb81765940 Level 1

      Hi there,


      I recently updated Experience Design to and now some of my screen transitions have a "dissolve" effect even when I have different settings. I have been trying to set them to slide left or slide right without any luck. I have also tried closing Xd and reopening, delete the transitions and reapplying them, and rebuilding the screens.


      It seems like any screens I try to modify after the update lose their ability to change the transition.


      Any ideas?

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          Corrinna Rainwater Adobe Employee



          do the artboards have the same size? Only dissolves is possible between two different sized artboards.


          If the artboards are the same size please let me know, I am happy to look at the file!



          Quality Developer

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            alexanderb81765940 Level 1

            The artboards are all the same width, but many of their heights vary.


            If that is the case, what is weird is that I do have some artboards that successfully transition "slide left" and "slide right" when they are transitioning to artboards of different height.


            If you all are only planning to just support the dissolve effect transition when moving between different sized boards, then I can just switch them all to dissolve. I just thought it was weird it was working on some and not others. I tested out what you said with some new artboards and it works as expected. I am guessing if I modify the slides that are still able to do the slide transition to different size boards, that will stop working.

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              elainecc Adobe Employee

              Yes, that's the expected behavior right now. I have a note to make it clearer that it's the only type of transition we support between two differently sized artboards. Please note that if you have a scrolling artboards, we compare the size of the viewports and will honor the set transition if they're the same.


              Hope that helps clarify things!





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                tims_connectisl Level 1

                Hi Corinna,


                I have two artboards of different heights, that both have a viewport height of 640px (and scrolling set to vertical) - these are linked with a transition of "Push Left" - which works.


                I have another pair of artboards again of different heights but identical viewport height and scrolling set to vertical - but these two do not respect the transition of "Push Left" - and all artboards are in the same file. Why is there an inconsistency?


                The only difference I can tihnk of is that the first two might have been created before the latest XD update, and the second two artboards were created after the update?


                Please can you help me understand why there is an issue here?




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                  Fexserv Level 1

                  I am also having this issue, But Some have the same hight and only Dissolve is available and some have different hight and same problem. While some screen have different hight and i work with other transitions. Cant identify what the problem is here.. 

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                    sheas79556819 Level 1

                    I need to change from Desolve to None... and I cannot do it... Others I can but not certain ones? i cant figure out why? frustrating! please advise!