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    Everything is still functional but doesn't load, noticeable when scrolling and boxes turn black


      InDesign freezes at random except it isn't actually frozen. Things are still functional and I can click them, for instance, I can scroll up and down through the pages, but they just load as one big white page with nothing on it. When I hover my mouse over certain things they turn black as well.

      I've actually been having problems with the entire Adobe suite. Every now and then, the program I'm using will just begin flashing, almost as if it's being minimized and re-opened rapidly, then if I try to click it, it will sometimes just crash the program saying it's not responding.
      My computer in general sometimes does this on other programs or even just with the windows explorer. However, it's not as harsh and often doesn't need anything restarting.


      Both problems need the program to be restarted in order to be fixed which is annoying.


      I'm not sure what is causing these issues. Any help would be very appreciated!