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    Photoshop Lightroom 6...not photoshop?!

    photoshop lightroomquesti

      Hi.  I am a novice with editing etc.  I did the trial of Adobe Photoshop because I volunteer to take photos of the sport teams at our school and wanted to write the names on them.  Did the trial.  Worked great.  Asked for Adobe Photoshop for my birthday.  Was given this...ADOBE PHOTOSHOP LIGHTROOM 6.


      I am incredibly frustrated.  I can't make the Adobe Photoshop open that I had used on the trial.  I don't know WTF is going on in Lightroom.  It looks like the only way I can add text is by making a photo into a book.  That makes absolutely no sense.  I just want to type the names on there like I did in Paint, but since it had technical issues, thought that this would be better. 


      I am just so fed up.  Adobe has no way to contact customer support and I can't find anything about adding text on YouTube that makes sense for just putting team names at the bottom of an image.


      Please help!