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    Buy motion presets for Animate cc?




      Is it possible to buy motion presets for animate?


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          Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Interesting question! I'm pretty sure the answer is No. What sorts of motion did you have in mind that would be worth paying for?

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            lisbetkr Level 1

            Well i am also totally new to the program so maybe you could help. I thought if you want text to animate in in a nice way. or a box to come on like a sign swinging a little back and fourth. Or if you want a line to tremble a little so the caracter lives a little. It can be that it is already build in and i just have not found where it is. I work every day with inddesign, photoshop and illustator and sometimes with final cut. I have used final cut untill now for animations - there are also possibillities of buying both snow falling, nice letter animations etc.

            I just asked the adobe support if Animate would be the right program to use if you want to make something like this:



            Infographic Informed Consent Video Sample on Vimeo

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              thomasw72287590 Level 1

              Im pretty sure the youtube video is showing something made with After Effects.

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                Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                I use Final Cut too, and am doing a lot of things that I can't imagine being done in Animate.


                There are a few things in those videos that, as Thomas pointed out, make it seem likely it was After Effects. Mainly the 3D animations and the motion blur. Most of the basic movement could be done in Animate.


                There is a Motion Presets window you could look at. Try selecting a shape on the stage, pick one of the presets and click Apply. In the timeline you'll then see that your shape has a 15 frame span, and scrubbing the timeline will show that it's animating in the way the preset suggested it would.


                If you now double-click on the gap in the timeline between the two key frames you will see how the motion tween is achieving the effect. You can also move the curves or add different easing. It's not an easy display to look at, hopefully you'll make some sense of it.


                Character animators I know tend to do frame by frame animation to give their characters life, and generally don't use motion presets.


                Also look for videos like this one that take you through what you do with the motion editor:


                New Motion Editor Flash CC 2014 - YouTube