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    Inserting Pages


      I'm having a problem with my document set up in InDesign. When I try to add pages to it, they get added by themselves not as facing pages, or to the side of the spread. I've added pictures to better explain. All I want to do is add the pages so they shuffle in normally. This just randomly started happening, when I began working in this document I did not have this problem. PLEASE HELP!


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          winterm Level 5

          You have 'Allow Selected Spread to Shuffle' turned off. Is there any reason to do this? That's why your newly added page(s) remain in the same spread.

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            jane-e Adobe Community Professional

            To further explain, 3-4 have been told to stay together. So have 6-7. Page 5 is a right-sided page, so it goes where it can.



            By default pages are set to shuffle. (You used the correct word.)

            Go to your Pages panel menu and check this for the document and also for selected spreads.

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              jillianp20154770 Level 1

              Unfortunately, this problem is still happening no matter what is checked or unchecked, I've tried with both selected and it's the exact same thing! I really need to figure this out, do you think it has anything to do with page numbers or master pages?

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                BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

                Hey Jillian, Winterm and Jane are both correct in their answers, but guess what... so are you. I just played with it, and the first time I rechecked both I was able to recreate the problem, then I unchecked, played again, rechecked and they are behaving normally again.


                Here's my thought... check them both and see if the pages straighten out. If not, drag them to the correct positions. You should be able to correct this manually, and you might want to report the odd behavior here: Wishform - Adobe InDesign

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                  jillianp20154770 Level 1

                  It wont allow me to manually correct them. Right now, I have page one set up to be after the cover page/ table of contents spread. When I have both shuffle options selected in the pages panel, the first page after the table of content is by itself in the spread, it wont allow me to move it or move any other pages.

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                    BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

                    Can you show the current screen shot of the pages panel? Then I can be more precise in my answer.

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                      jane-e Adobe Community Professional

                      Just checking: you are aware that "selected spread" means the spread has to be selected before you can allow the selected spread to shuffle, correct?


                      The brackets mean the spread is locked together with one of the two features and cannot shuffle.


                      If it is being buggy, you could either put it into dropbox for us to look at or copy the elements to a new document.


                      You want to see pages without brackets if you want new pages to shuffle.

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