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      How do I sync books from my computer with other devices (iPhone / iPad)?

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          Nanaky Level 5

          At moment seems only work to sync files form mobile devices to desktop version.

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            marp68 Level 1

            That is not working for me. I've just installed ADE on my Android phone (Samsung S5), but it is not syncing with my PC. IS there something special I have to do to make it sync?

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              Nanaky Level 5

              It work only with ePub files. File which open in mobile Device was sync with desktop verison if you have the same version of ade installed and used the same adobe ID. Also check in the prefs if sync are activate.

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                marp68 Level 1

                Thanks for the quick answer.


                I installed the latest ADE version yesterday for my phone and updated to the latest version for my PC. The synch is active and I'm using epub format. Nothing is synched. Not from phone to pc or from pc to phone. However, I can transfer books manually and read them. I mostly borrow drm protected books from the local library, so the authorization process seems to work, since I use the same Adobe ID for both PC and phone. 


                BTW, how does the synching works? Are books stored in your cloud  after a synchrinisation process?