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    Flash .flv stand alone player.

    drjchamberlain Level 1
      Dear members:

      I have recently downloaded some .flv files from the Internet and tried to view them without any success. I have installed in my computer the CS3 premium suite that includes Flash CS3 so I was surprise that the videos wouldn't play. Right clicking on these files I have the choice to open them using (1) Flash Player.app which is selected as the default and also (2) Adobe Flash CS3.app, (3) Flash MX 2004 and (4) SAFlashPlayer. None of these applications actually plays the videos. When I select both Flash Player.app and SAFlashPlayer the applications load and they appear Mac OS X's menu bar but nothing happens.

      Please forgive me if this is a basic question but I haven't been able to locate a stand alone version of Flash Player for download on Adobe's web site. The one I found seems to be the one that is installed in browsers so that they can play Flash media.

      Where can I find and download the stand alone Flash Player ?

      Thank you in advance for your help.

      Joseph Chamberlain
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          fredingston Level 1

          As far as I know Adobe doesn't supply a standalone FLV-Player (they want you to build your own I guess), but there are several customizable and free solutions around on the web. All of them built on Flash of course.

          The most popular is propably the JWPlayer which you can find here:

          Hope that helps!
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            fredingston Level 1
            Oh I just noticed that the new Adobe Media Player (that came with my new CS4 package) will playback FLV now. I think that is exactly what you are looking for as it isn't even browserbased.
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              drjchamberlain Level 1
              Hello, fredingston.

              After I placed my original post I found a plug-in for QuickTime that allows it to play Flash videos. The name is Perian and does a very good job. Quite a convenient solution for those with Macs.

              Thanks to you second post I was able to find and download the new Adobe Media Player and really liked it. The interface is quite nice and I think it has more functions that I haven't yet had the chance to explore (it seems far more than just a simple player).

              I noticed that in Adobe Media Player the videos seem to play with better quality so this will definitely become my default player for Flash media from now on.

              Thank you again for your reply and helpful answers to my questions.

              Best regards,