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    ORF Raw files in LR 5.7


      I have an older version of Lightroom, the stand alone 5.7. I just bought an Olympus OMD E1 MarkII and cannot open the ORF raw files. The work around of converting to DNG files is doable but very time consuming. Looking at the list of supported cameras, Adobe says ORF is supported by Lightroom 6.9. Does this mean if I upgrade to LR 6 it will work? I would rather upgrade than go to CC, but I would hate to pay for an upgrade if it turns out it's still is not compatible. Also, the list shows the "Minimum Camera Raw plug-in version required" is 9.9. What is that?



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          John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The supported cameras list has two columns:

          - min Camera Raw plug-in version required for those using the Camera Raw plug-in in Photoshop (not you), and

          - min Lightroom version required (that's you)


          ORF is a generic Olympus Raw file format. It's different for every camera model and the version of Camera Raw and Lightroom required to open them varies with each one. Your E1 Mark II requires Lightroom 6.9 or later.


          anneb39624269  wrote

          Does this mean if I upgrade to LR 6 it will work?



          All version 6.x updates are free for version 6 owners. When you buy Lightroom 6, you'll probably get version 6.0 which needs to be updated to read your Raw files.


          Update (free) to 6.9 as soon as you have installed 6.0 and then you can import and open your Raw files.

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            anneb39624269 Level 1

            Thank you, John.