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    Issue with Flash 10 3d api and Flex/AIR

    Sofiane Oubraham
      I'm looking to do a simple "flip" effect via the new rotationY
      attribute. I'm building my example in Flex 3.2 on AIR 1.5 using Flash
      player 10. My example is comprised of a viewstack with two children
      (canvases). The stylenames on each of the children just apply a
      background image. I'm also wrapping my viewstack with a canvas so I
      can rotate my children at a center registration point. I've got the
      rotation working beautifully, but the children of the viewstack are
      blurry after the rotation ends.

      After researching this issue on the web, I've found that people have
      experienced the same issue with rotating a movie clip. They fixed the
      issue by reseting the transform.matrix on the movieclip after the
      rotating effect ended. This doesn't seem to work for my case.

      Any insight as to why this is happening and how to work-around this
      until the bug is resolved?

      Here is my sample code: