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    Created 2 slideshows, but only 1 works??

      Hi there

      I have created two slideshows, but only one works. I have reverted back to the tradisional tile layout of images of the one that does not work, but that is not what my client wants.

      The one that works can be viewed at Catering

      The images of the one that does not work can be viewed at Gallery

      I am using the same player in both cases. I have tested both on my laptop using all browsers I could think of. After I FPT'ed the files to the hositng server, the Gallery does not display anything in the "Image Viewer". Thumnails, headers, etc are displayed.

      Any suggestions? I am at a complete loss.

      P.S.: I am using Fireworks and Dreamweaver CS3.

      Many thanx