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    How to prevent people from stealing the other's Indesign files?


      I highly suspect some of my classmates to "borrow" my  files and just change the fonts or the images in the class share-drive...I am dreaming of funny tricks that would appear or disappear ... Any Ideas? Thanks!!!

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          Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

          Simple solution is to not put your files on the “class share-drive” or to set the protections for your directory to prevent others (other than perhaps your instructor) from accessing your files.


          Although plagiarism may be the highest form of compliment, if your classmates are in fact stealing your content, that is a very serious academic offense and you should be reporting them if not to your instructor, to the disciplinary office at your college (Houston Community College).


          I don't know if whether what you submit is an InDesign document or the resultant PDF file, but there is metadata within each InDesign document and the resultant PDF files that could establish you as the original owner of the InDesign document. (Just make sure you yourself didn't copy the InDesign document from elsewhere or you could be indicting yourself! ).


          Spend your time learning and not dreaming of “funny tricks!”


                    - Dov

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