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    Cannot sign in to Lightroom on Desktop (for Lightroom mobile sync)


      Hi, I'm trialling Lightroom (6) before deciding to subscribe. I am signed in to Adobe CC on my Mac (OSx 10.12.4), and install Lightroom via Adobe CC.

      Lightroom installs fine, and if I go to Lightroom Help menu I can see 'Sign Out myemail@email.com'. So between Adobe CC and Lightroom Help I am signed in.


      If I click on 'Get started with Lightroom mobile' and then 'Sync with Lightroom mobile', [sometimes ]the system thinks (spins the wheel) for about a second or less, then does nothing. In the below gif it doesn't even 'think', just closes the menu by itself.


      Apr-06-2017 16-38-41.gif


      I've reinstalled Lightroom a number of times now, and I've tried this on two different internet connections (same Mac), I also tried changing my account email just to see if forcing signing in again would do anything. Same results. At some point, I tried deleting Adobe CC and then clicking 'Sync with Lightroom mobile' at which point a window opened saying 'Connecting' in the title window bar, but no content inside, just white.


      I can sign in to Adobe CC fine online, on Lightroom Mobile app.


      Any pointers on this? !