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    Multiple Digital Signatures


      Hello, I am a new to using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC so please bear with me.


      I am trying to Digitally sign a PDF myself before sending it out to a recipient to sign. Here is what I am doing: Prepare form (for the other signature field which isn't for me), then I am using certificates to place my digital signature on the form. After that, I am sending the document out for signature. When the recipient receives the document, my signature is no longer there.


      Is what I am trying to accomplish even possible? I need to have my signature and the other party signature on the form and I was hoping to have mine certified. If I select the other option for signatures that isn't a certificate, would that hold up in court? I know I could send it out for signature prior to me signing, but it kind of makes no sense to do it that way since both parties are being emailed the finalized copies after the recipient signs the form.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you in advance.