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    What is the correct file association for jsxbin?

    K.Daube Level 2

      FoF (Friends of FrameMaker)!

      Tying to execute a script from a menu (or a tool bar button) leads to the following problem
      Things work correctly if calling a jsx script:

      <Command ETBnudge 
        <Label Nudge object info>
        <Hypertext message openfile C:/Users/Klaus/Documents/Adobe Scripts/ETBnudge.jsx>>

      But using the binary form of the script, opens the script in NotePad (seems to be a default). Even after changing the file assocition for Open jsxbin to the same as it is for jsx (namely the ESTK) the binary script is opened as text in ESTK!

      Of course opening a jsxbin file by any FM version just tries to open it as text.


      => So what is the correct file association for jsxbin ?


      Klaus Daube

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          K.Daube Level 2

          Runnign the script via File > Scripts > Run works correctly also for the jsxbin version.


          BTW, the script is quite simple:

          1. // ETBnudge.jsx 
          2. // to be placed in C:/Users/Klaus/Documents/Adobe Scripts/ 
          3. #target framemaker 
          5. var msgtitle = "Nudging objects"
          6. var msg =  "At zoom 100% unit is 1pt; at zoom 353% unit is 0.1mm" 
          7.          + "\n• Use ALT+arrow to nudge 1 unit" 
          8.          + "\n• Use SHIFT+ALT+arrow to nudge 6 units" 
          9.          + "\n\nATTENTION: SHIFT+ALT (without arrow) changes the system locale. Check your system tray, if keyboard behaves strangly!"
          11. alert(msg, msgtitle); 


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            Ian Proudfoot Adobe Community Professional


            I don't think there can be a useful file association for JSXBIN because there is no external way to know the target application. If you have TCS installed it could be a script for FrameMaker or RoboHelp. With CC installed that could also be PhotoShop, Illustrator or several others...