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    Loop music via Action Script.?

      Hi, I added a song to flash, and did it all in action script. The music will play right off the bat, and I can mute it by clicked on the mute button that I have made. But after the song goes all the way through,... thats it... It will not loop. And I cannot find out how to make it loop. Remember, the button I made is not to stop the music, just to mute it and unmute it. The functions I used is:

      var sound = 1;
      var sound_mc = _root.attachMovie("sound_off","sound01",99);
      sound01._visible = false;
      sound_mc._y = btn._y;
      sound_mc._x = btn._x;
      var s:Sound = new Sound();
      s.attachSound("Cedarland music");
      btn.onPress = function(){
      sound01._visible = true;
      sound = 0;
      else if(sound==0){
      sound = 1;
      sound01._visible = false;

      Please let me know what I am missing.. It might be an easy thing, but I cannot figure it out.