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    Why are Adobe Support so appalling?


      I've been contacting Adobe Support off and on for about a week now, with endless streams of incompetent support staff telling me lies upon lies, and going back on their own words in order to save themselves when you get heated.

      I first contacted them a week ago, asking for a refund, before I was told it would not be possible nor could I cancel my one-year subscription without paying a withdrawal fee - I never even knew I had a one-year subscription. I used a secondary account which had no funds to get the free trial, before transferring some into it for savings, and before I knew it it was all down the drain, and now I'm around 60 pounds short when I haven't used these services once.

      After I realised I had lost the funds, I contacted them about the refund - as stated above, and I was annoyed but prepared to take the loss. I then looked on the forums, realising all these people in the same boat as I were getting refunds even though I wasn't entitled to one. I contacted support for the second time, threatened to close my PayPal if they didn't refund or cancel it, as I do not want to use Adobe Stock nor do I want to pay for something I don't want to use. It was at this point things got fishy, as the Support went back on his friend's words on the fact I couldn't cancel it without a fee and cancelled it there and then without a single fee. I saw the complete failure of infrastructure in Adobe's Support here and I contacted a third time for a full refund, as I want my money back, as well as a cancellation. From here the support told me it would take a week for him to escalate my problem and I would get an email confirming it, and should expect a response within 5-7 days.

      But I didn't.

      From there I contacted again, and I was told it would only be 24 hours for a response, happy days. I checked my emails all through the next day, but not a single one went through. I waited until today, 7 days after I contacted, and nothing has come.

      I'm not taking this loss without a refund, and these extremely binding one-year contracts which appear out of absolutely nowhere are taking me by the throat and forcing me to give you money, and I'm extremely unhappy with this incompetent support not giving me a second thought and just bouncing me from chat to chat every single day for hours and I get nothing out of it.


      Has anyone else fallen into this trap too? I'm honestly lost for words at this multi-million company playing such dirty tactics then forcing us to talk to their useless support in order to try and get something out of it. Absolutely disgusting.