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    A question regarding Linear Workflow.

    GZEDITS Level 1

      So as far as I know if I want my colors to be exact on every monitor in the color management tab it should say down below "Color vaules will not be modified because working space and output color space match each other." When I check "Blend colors using 1.0 Gamma" I get the desired messege but when I check "Linearize Working Space" I am not able to get the same output color space so I receive the messege "Color values will be converted from a linearized version of the working space profile (sRGB IEC61966-2.1, modified to have 1.0 gamma) to the gamma encoded version of the working space profile (approximately 2.2 gamma).
      I want to have "Linearize Working Space" checked and not get the color values modified. How do I do it since the colors look best when I have turned on "Linearize Working Space".