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    Camera Raw Issue

    dcooper7 Level 1

      Hi there,


      Please can you help,


      I am running Photoshop CC on Windows 10 and I have recently updated my graphics card to the latest Drivers. I have a Nvidia GTX 675M. 


      This problem fixed itself for a few months after updating the Graphics Card Driver previously, but since today it has come back. (I don't believe I have used Camera Raw since I updated my Graphics Card.)


      Here is the problem:

      Whenever I use Camera Raw and use any of the sliders or Adjustment Brush, the image I am working on breaks up into many small block versions of itself, whilst using the brush or any sliders.

      Here is original that I was working on:



      Here is the broken up, block fault when I use sliders or adjustment brush, you can see in the screenshot that I am adjusting the Exposure:



      I have tried uninstalling Photoshop and reinstalling it. It did not change anything. I had to update the Drivers in my Graphics card a few days ago as I was having a problem with the shape tool and Pen tool: All curved object and straight lines were jagged, but that is now fixed, they are smooth.  But this problem has come back now.


      Any help would be appreciated.



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          D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Uncheck GPU in ACR's preferences.


          This is the history of video drivers. One bug fixed, two new ones introduced. And so it goes.


          In any case you don't really need to have GPU checked in ACR. It's mostly there to speed things up for people with 4K/5K displays.

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            dcooper7 Level 1

            Thank you to you all. My problem has been fixed.

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              sw1961 Level 1

              I was having the same problem after installing a new, updated, graphics card. I also had tried everything prior to seeing this post. It has also resolved the annoying issue!



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                leighd7 Level 1

                I have had the same problems for a very long time never did before Windows 10. Yes, unchecking GPU in ACR's preferences does the trick but loses some functionality like scrubby zoom.


                I am sure it could be sorted out if Adobe Nivida and Microsft put their heads togeather. But one good thing came out of this problem for me and that I switched over to Lightroom and never have this problem with that application.