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    Preview won't load! *Frustrating*




      A few days ago I decided to switch to After Affects to remove the retention and limitations from my previous editing software, Sony Vegas.


      So far the software has served me well, but I have ran into a few complications which have been with the preview.


      1.) Before resetting my After Affects settings, when I would add a clip to the timeline (composition), it would automatically speed up my clip. I tried editing the composition settings, closing and reopening a new project, etc. Nothing worked until I reset my settings. Why was After Effects speeding up my clip in the preview?


      2.) I noticed after a few times of playing and pausing my preview would automatically stop at a certain point. I'm not sure why despite me extenuating the bar and letting the green bar sit and load. There was even a point where it wouldn't play the preview at all.


      Ive tried resetting my disc cache, frame rate, duration, etc.


      Here are my PC specs:

      - Intel Core i7 Kabbylake 7700k

      - Nvdia GTX 1070

      - 16GB DDR4-3000 RAM

      - 1 TB hard drive // 150GB SSD (Not sure if this serves value but I wanted to include this piece of information anyways)


      This is very annoying and I really want to enjoy the software but I cant seem to find a fix to my problem. Thank's to all who are able to help.

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          You write that you replaced Vegas with AE.  You do understand that AE is NOT a video editing application, correct?  AE works in a very different way than an editor, and is not used for the same things.


          Are you trying to use AE intuitively, which is a very bad thing to do?


          You also wrote that you reset your cache.  Did you also use the AE command to purge your cache?


          And to address the speed issue, have you tried simply dragging a clip onto the Make Comp icon at the bottom of the Project Pane, then previewing?

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            DjGroudonStudios Level 1

            I'm aware that's After Affects is used to foster and compose motion graphics and special effects but it could be used to manipulate clips.


            I'm looking to create projects like this, For You x Nards (AMV) - YouTube


            Which I believe was completely done in AE. I have much reasoning behind this transition but if you believe the project above could be done with another editing software like Premier feel free to say (despite this not being the point).


            Yes I have purged the Cache, so that doesn't solve my problems. In terms of the second option, I haven't done that yet.

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              Dave LaRonde Level 6

              Thanks for answering a lot of the questions.  Yes, there is a lot of AE work in that clip -- watched about a minute and got the genera idea -- and there's also a little bit of 3D work in it (or really good cel animation) on a couple of text shots.  There's also heavy use of a video editing application like Premiere Pro.


              But you didn't answer the key question  -- Are you trying to use AE intuitively, which is a very bad thing to do?

              I'll guess you're using it intuitively, using the unspoken phrase, "How tough can this be?"

              Here's a written response: PLENTY TOUGH.


              I STRONGLY recommend that you spend a lot of quality time here:


              After Effects tutorials | Learn how to use After Effects CC


              If you don't learn the AE basics, you'll fail.  You don't want to fail.  So learn the basics.


              Oh, and there's this: replicating a video like that takes a whole boatload of planning.  Not just for shot sequencing and overall look, but for workflow.

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                DjGroudonStudios Level 1

                In terms of the transitions, and video effects, do you believe this was also done in Premier Pro? What do you think was done exclusively in After Affects besides the text (as I know this is all done within AE's animation).


                AE has been a very difficult transition as it makes you go the extra mile when doing simple things like transitioning. Most software just allows you to drag and drop a transition while After Affects for example makes you key frame it. Another struggle is the software works vertically which isn't how a typical editing software works. GRANTED, I am aware that AE isn't designed to be your typical editing software.


                To answer your question, I'm not really sure if I can resinate with word "intuitively" because yes there is reason but to be fair


                I've been watching lots of tutorials on YouTube, which has helped. Thank-you for the forum by the way, I'll use it to help venture into my future works.

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                  Dave LaRonde Level 6

                  As Rick Gerard writes, "You have to vet your trainers".  i.e. don't trust youtube tutorials, especially ones done by high school kids.  They miss crucial points.  They assume you know certain things you may not know.


                  Now, the tutorials in the link above are made by PROS.  To teach you progressively.  To build on knowledge.  AE's like learning Calculus.  First you learn Arithmetic.  Then you learn Algebra.  Only then do you learn Calculus.  You learn it progressively.  And would you rather learn AE from a high school kid or a pro?


                  If you try to jump into the deep end of the pool to do the neat stuff, you'll sink.  So use that link above.


                  As to the transitions, it's all a part of your workflow, which depends on the demands of the project.  Your judgement of the demands of the project comes from experience and knowledge.  And what do you lack at the moment?  Experience and knowledge.

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                    Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

                    Hi DjGroudonStudios,

                    Did you ever get previewing functioning to your satisfaction? Sure hope so.


                    How is this project coming along? It looks very complicated and uses a variety of applications, mainly After Effects, but likely assembled and cut in an NLE like Premiere Pro. As Dave says, there was probably a lot of planning (storyboarding) that went into this piece. The artist is likely very experienced, as well.


                    Let us know if you need any more assistance in achieving what you want.