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    AE 2017.1: Still slow/laggy preview


      I'm just wondering why Adobe won't fix the issue of slow previews?

      As you can see here the problem is around since last november. If I haven't had the possibility to switch back to CC 2015 I would likely think about canceling the whole subscription - without a working preview AE is unusable.


      In order to obviate any unkind answers:
      Yes, I'm loading it into the RAM before playing the preview. The whole bar is green.


      Still the preview is slow/laggy and it feels like 5fps and not 29,97fps. And the animation is very, very, very basic: It's a text moving up.

      In CC 2015 it works like a charm.


      My PC:
      Intel Xeon 1230v3

      20GB RAM
      AMD 280x
      Windows 10


      AE: Latest version