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    Help with mobile work flow using CC for photography


      Forgive me for my lack of understanding .... I have resisted using CC and subscription until now I am looking into the the dark side I guess.  What I am wondering is how practical would it be to use an IPAD and CC to edit ... I would use a Mac book to to handle storage and backup files. I need to update my aging iMac... at some point... could I use CC and an IPAD 12" to edit ?  Most of what I do is simple photography both film and digital I scan negatives.


      How does one deal with CC when they Travel in the last few years 80% of my photography is Travel related and I would like to still be able to edit while on the road. I am not sure how to handle the images if I want to use an iPad to edit. IT makes sense to upload images to the cloud then I could edit anywhere I have service which with most cell services now I could have access 24/7 unlimited.  the issue would be out of the country where I either pay by the hour for internet service or only have access at a wifi spot?


      In short my thought is to update my IPAD to an iPad Pro 12", use my MacBook to handle the files then edit with an IPAD.  In addition to all of this I have a fairly sever back injury so using the IPAD appeals to me avoiding sitting at a desk sounds great. I have an office where I keep all of my gear and edit moving to a cloud platform would give me access to my files where I choose instead of only when I am in the office. 


      Is there anything I am missing?  a better way to handle images ? I know I can never get away from having office and space to store gear , print , frame, etc ... but I am liking the idea of having everything I need to work in a back pack. I have a trip planed thru the Americas by vehicle even this would be possible as I should be able to buy access to the internet in most places?


      How much storage space do I get ? what is the Best deal ?


      Again sorry for the upload or my for the most part random thoughts here ... any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.