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    Exported Video is just about 20% longer

    Sicro Level 1

      Hey guys!


      I will provide images etc. later since I am rendering the imported video as image sequence right now.


      So I rendered a 30 FPS Video (3d animation, total lenght about 5 minutes) in 3ds Max, imported the sequences, added audio (not the best idea to dot his in after effects in retrospective <.<) and exported it as a 30 FPS video h.264, 16 Mbit/s, aside from some hue changes which is one of those issues that really can get you angry (which i resolved more or less) everything worked OK so far.


      Now comes the tricky part. I used Hybrid to generate frames in between via the avisynth InterFrame Filter, which also worked even better than expected!

      But for some reason, no matter what settings I use in hybrid I can not get an audio track for the full 5 min video (it works with the same settings for short clips of 50 sec just fine but for some *%$§"%§" reason not witht he full video). Okay so I thought, I got the Video, just import it into AE again, add the audio, export and you should be fine....


      When exported the Video is 1 minute longer, it is 6:18 instead of 5:18, the audio though has the correct length of 5:18.

      I interpreted the footage and it said 60 FPS. When exporting with AE it does let me set the FPS, but since my composition is at 60FPS this should be fine, right?

      Inside After Effects everything looks and sounds fine. The video and audio track align, when RAM previewing parts of it, everything is as it should be. When exported it is just about 20% longer.


      I begin to hate the h.264 *.mp4 stuff, since it only brought problems and slowed me down a lot.


      Thanks in advance for any asnwers and I will provide pictures if needed, as soon as my AE finished rendering!