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    Lightroom does not see a new Camera Calibration Profile

    RoyGiffen Level 1


      I created a new profile for Infared images using the Adobe DNG Profile Editor.

      The new profile is created OK and resides where it should in the in the C:\Users ....Appdata\Roaming\etc directory ok. However when I open a DNG file the dropdown box under Profile only displays Embedded.

      Any ideas why the new profile is not on the list?





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          elie_di Level 4

          Because camera profiles are applied to Raw data (whether in maker's format or dng format) as the necessary first step in the processing that leads to the creation of an RGB image file (tiff. psd or jpg) and whatever profile was used to start the process, together with all the other editing that was done, has been "baked into" the image - i.e. "embedded" in it. The appearance of that display usually indicates that you are loading a rendered image - a jpg or a tiff. However, a DNG file that has been previously edited while the option to save metadata to xmp is activated or has been exported from LR will have a profile "embedded" in its metadata.