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    "Smart" UI Scaling across multiple monitors with different resolutions

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      Is there any solution / feature in the works to introduce any kind of "Smart" UI scaling into Photoshop?  I currently have a multi monitor setup with 4k / 2k / 1080 screens etc.  There has been a lot of discussion on these forums about scaling the photoshop UI to 100%, 150%, 200%, which all have their advantages for one monitor and disadvantages for another, but won't work universally across all of them.


      I'm wondering if anyone has figured out a way to get the UI to scale actively based on what monitor the program is running on.  After Effects works beautifully in this sense -- if I drag the program from my 4k monitor to my 1080 monitor, it automaticaly scales and looks the same.  It's wonderful.  It's really frustrating that Photshop still hasn't figured out how to handle this issue, since AE has had it for years now.  Am I missing anything?  Has anyone gotten this to work properly?  Afraid it's going to be an issue since I have a 4k Cintiq on the way, but a 1440 resolution main work monitor.  Thanks for any help in advance--


      (To clarify, I am trying with with Photoshop CC 2014 through 2017, on Windows 10)

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          Windows Scaling is per display. Adobe Photoshop UI scaling is global  either 100% or 200% on all displays.  Windows scaling can be use with Photoshop. When Microsoft release the next version of Windows 10 there will be option in Windows Shortcuts the will enable you to override Application high resolution display scaling.   Older Windows version users can also override Application  high resolution display scaling.  Using a Windows Registry Update and adding an external manifest file in Photoshop folder.


          Other Adobe Application most likely use windows scaling.   If you do not see an Adobe UI preferences the other Adobe Application that Application most likely is using your OS scaling options.


          Here is what you will see in the next Windows 10 shortcuts.  Currently in Windows 10 Preview builds.



          Windows scaling will scaling the image displayed by Photoshop as well as Photoshop's UI.   Windows make no distinction between UI and Image display.  If you have Photoshop zoom the image to 100% and use a windows scaling set to 125% on a the display the image is on the image will be scaled to 125%.