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    Interactive CD-Rom Catalog search

      Here is my project and what I would like to accomplish.

      Build with ActionScript 2, I have a multi-language Interactive Catalog to be use on CD-ROM or installed as an application. I use load movie to be able to quickly change the language at any place in the Catalog and have multiple section to sort the product. Each product has it own detail page that is unique and is loaded for all section.

      I would like to create a search section, where the user would be able write the name of the product (or part of it) and it would give a list of result. Each result would be a link to show product spec in more details (unique page).

      I'm looking for help on this, a tutorial that could related to this would really be wonderful, I've look around and can't seem to find anything.

      Thank you for your help,

      Yann Poirier