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    "zero denominator in ratio multiply" (17::17) suggested solutions not working


      Using aftereffects CC2017

      Running updated win7, on  Intel Core i7 960, Lots of room on all drives including the scratch drive, a very reliable setup in general.

      Most of my C4D renders are jpeg, set for 98 or 99% quality, and I have dozens of layers in the typical  AE project.


      After using CC2017 for about a month, (CS6 worked flawlessly)  I'm now suddenly and frequently getting the "zero denominator in ratio multiply" (17::17), which brings everything to a halt. Following the advice of the forums,  I've selected "interpret footage/Main/Color Management/Preserve RGB" for everything.

      Everything everywhere is already 30fps, file size is uniformly 1920x1080. This "preserve RGB" step sometimes (but not always) restores functionality... for a while.

      It's a pain though.

      But recalling the project at a later time, I have to go through it ALL OVER AGAIN. It's bringing me to a standstill. Whats the real solution? Also: why do I have to jump through hoops to use what is far-and-away, the worlds most popular codec?  Any help appreciated, can provide additional info.