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    Text paths

    reindeer4 Level 1

      I'd like to turn some text into a single path so I can then use that as a motion path for a light which will serve as an emitter for Trapcode Particular.


      When I type something in After Effects and turn it into a path, however, it comes in as numerous paths.  Is there a convenient way to stitch all of those together so they can be used as a single path for the whole word?


      With Illustrator, is there a way to bring in some text as a single path (rather than one or more paths for each letter)



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Unfortunately there is no "merge paths" function in AE. Even if you have a pair of open paths you cannot click on the end of one and then connect it to the other open path. The best thing you can do is to copy those paths to Illustrator and then link the open paths together. If there are no open paths then you'll have to open some of them ip so you can connect them.


          The other option is to pay close attention to the keyframes that are generated when you copy and paste a vector path to a motion path. Depending on the type you set your best option may be to copy the first path, then move the CTI just past the last keyframe created and then copy the second path and paste it to the position path. The middle keyframes will all be rove over time so you can adjust the timing of each path and the timing of the movement from the first to the second path is easy to control by adjusting the space between the keyframes. You ould also even out the timing of the last and first keyframe from the first and second motion paths by selecting the pair of diamond shaped keyframes and changing them to "rove over time" keyframes. In most cases that would be your best option.


          I hope this helps.