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    Camera profile created by D810 can't be used by D700?


      I have the LR CC, I have created camera profile using a picture taken with my D810.  I used the X-rite color checker passport to do that as well via LR plugin.  After restarting LR, I have no problem picking the newly created profile if the pictures are taken by the D810.  But when I picked pictures taken by the D700, the profile simply isn't available.  Is it normal at all?  I have created a few Picture Controls using Nikon's software and loaded to the D700 camera.  When loaded from LR CC, I can see those profiles form the D700 profile.  But the newly created profile from X-Rite simply not available for the D700.


      Help me understand this please. (maybe it doesn't make sense to use a D810 camera profile on a picture taken using a D700?)