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    Activating MPEG2 Component in PE7

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      I have used Premiere Elements 7 for many years to edit video and burn to dvd. I had a problem a few days ago with my operating system and installed a fresh copy of PE7. Then I ran into a problem when it came time to burn the dvd because the encoder activation link is broken.


      Adobe does not want to speak to me over the phone about this matter and referred me to this forum.


      I have searched the internet for a solution and found another activation link but it doesn't work for me. Where can I find an unlock key?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          These activation components are no longer available. (This is, after all, 8 year old software.)


          Download and install the free trial of Premiere Elements 15. It's possible that it will install the components and you'll be able to use them for version 7.


          SOMETIMES this works.

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            I have purchased one of your books in the past, but with all due respect, what you stated about activation is a load of crap. Even if the PE7 is 8 years old, Adobe still has a duty to support it because they instituted a registration process that cripples my legitimately purchased software. They can release a version that doesn’t require registration when its supported lifespan comes to an end.


            This is exactly what happened to me with Audition 3. Several years ago I ran across a similar problem and Adobe phone support provided me with a link to download a copy that doesn’t require registration. (By the way, I’m not that impressed with Adobe telling me to go to the forum’s and have fellow user’s try to figure out a solution.)


            To sum it up, I have found PE7 to perform well and do exactly what I want to accomplish. With a fresh install of Windows 7, do you really think a dead link on Adobe’s site should be a compelling reason to upgrade?


            I did some more searching and found yet another activation link which worked for me.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Glad you found a solution -- but sorry you found my input to be a load of crap.


              Thanks for sharing the link. It may help others dealing with the same issue.

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                The OPs link worked for me with PE2 MPEG 2 encoder activation error.


                Thank you for your post!

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                  This worked for me thanks