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    Edit Original Troubles




      So I am new to InDesign but a long time Photoshop user. I am trying to understand how the Edit Original tool works in InDesign. I am able to open my image in photoshop where I then edit the image. I have read online that at that point I should save the image (I assume in photoshop) and then when I click back over to InDesign the image should be edited. I am having trouble with the edited image appearing in InDesign.


      Please and thank you so much for any help!! Also I am using Mac.

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          winterm Level 5

          Screenshot is done in Windows, however, I don’t think on Macs it’s a big difference. You should update your link(s) clicking on the icon at the bottom on Links panel or use KB shortcut Opt+Shift+D to update images:


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            spinkchadillac Level 1

            You can save a step of manually updating in the links panel once you return to inDesign if you initiate 'edit original' by holding 'alt' and double clicking on the image you wish to edit. This will open up your image in your default editing program (which should be photoshop) and once you save and close the image, it will automatically update when you return to InDesign.

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              jane-e Adobe Community Professional

              In addition to what Spinkchadillac said about Open Original from within InDesign with the menu or shortcut (and bypassing the update yellow triangle), here is a little bit more:


              Open Original will use your default image editor for whatever file type, so if you what to use that feature, make sure you associate your file types.


              Alternatively, you can use Edit With and select a program. If I Option + double-click a JPG or TIFF, for instance, it will open in Preview, because that's their default application (my choice).


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