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    How do I paste the tracking data of a Shape onto a Mask so that they follow the same path at the same rate?

    Sue_Zan404 Level 1

      Basically, I have made a shape that moves diagonally-ish and scales larger, and I have masked out something I want to follow the exact same path and scale at the exact same rate. Obviously, if they were both Shapes, or both Masks, I could easily do this, but when I paste the Shape information onto the Mask, it gets all wonky. I'm wondering if it's because the Shape has Shape data, Translation X, Translation Y, Scale, Rotation, Shear X, Shear Y, Perspective X, Perspective Y, and the Mask just condenses it all into one little Mask Path.


      How do I get my mask to follow the exact same motion path and scale at the exact same rate as my shape?


      It seems like this should be extremely simple, and perhaps I'm just overlooking something...but please help me!


      To be clear, I have not made a shape that I want to turn into a path (this is the only tutorial I got when Googling this), I want the motion of a Shape to a to be applied to the motion of a Mask.