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    Weird colors now showing up on previously developed images in LR


      I'm having an issue with previously developed images in LR showing weird colors that weren't there before, and I'm not sure what happened or how to correct this - hoping someone can help direct me to a solution.


      I opened up LR the other day to import some images, noticed a few of the imported images looked odd, and opened another image I had previously developed to see what it looked like, and I noticed what almost looks like noise but isn't, just weird coloration. I did a monitor calibration (actually, a few of them) and no change. I checked the same images that I had previously exported in a folder on my desktop, and those looked fine. I then exported the images to PS, and they look normal there. So, somehow, some display settings were changed unbeknownst to me. I have checked numerous developed images and they all display a similar look. They definitely did not look this way last week, and I did not develop them to look this way. 


      I'm including screenshots of an image to illustrate. Can anyone help me with how to correct this?


      LR image jpg.jpg