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    ACR Plugin CS6

    PSCS6 - ACR Plugin Level 1

      I have an interesting problem that I can't seem to figure out. 


      I have updated ACR plugins on several occasion, it's not rocket science.  I just purchased a Nikon D810 and uploaded the most recent plugin v9.9 only it will not open the Nikon .nef files in Photoshop CS6. and Bridge CS6 does not recognize them either.  On my desktop I also employ CS3 and it doesn't recognize the D810 RAW files as well. I then tried on another desktop and two other laptops and in all  PS3, PS5 and PS6 were used.  I of course can see the JPEG files, just not the RAW files.


      I did not try to use any other software to launch the RAW files including NikonView NX2 as I read that it might cause a problem in some rare cases.  I only use Photoshop as my default editing program.


      Not sure what to think.  If anyone has a resolve I'd greatly appreciate it. 



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          Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

          First of all photoshop cs6 can only use up to the camera raw 9.1.1 camera raw plugin, so no 9.9.

          You can check the present camera raw version by going to Photoshop>About Plug-In or Help>About Plug-In and clicking on Camera Raw.

          If your version is not 9.1.1 and you have windows 7 or mac os x 10.7 or newer you can use Help>Updates from within photoshop cs6 to get camera raw 9.1.1


          The Nikon D 810 requires at least camera raw 8.6 so photoshop cs3 that can only use up to camera raw 4.6 won't open them without the Nikon D 810 nefs converted to dng copies using the adobe dng converter.


          It's not using Nikon View NX2, but using Nikon Transfer that possibly corrupts the nefs in such a way that camera raw won't open them.


          What operating system are you using?

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            PSCS6 - ACR Plugin Level 1

            Thank you, Kelly, for the quick response.


            First my apologies as it was a very long couple of shoot days and  I have several more ahead and just need to get this D810 up and running.  Anyway...


            • I wrote 9.9, I meant 9.1.1.  My Bad.
            • I tried to download 8.6 and made several failed attempts. it was painfully slow even though I have a high speed cable connection and it would stop after about 64MB.  I tried using a couple computers with the same results. However I was able to download 9.1.1 and others without any issues so I'm pretty sure it wasn't a problem on my end. Do you know of any legit sites that have  v.8.6?
            • I mentioned Photoshop CS3 because it is on one of my computers that also has CS6. To be honest It's there because of some old plugins I can use on it that won't function on CS6.  My concern, which I didn't articulate well, was could it be causing a conflict?  I doubt it since I am having the same problem with CS5 on the laptops and second desktop.
            • I have a D800 as well and CS3 opens the RAW files from it. I made the wrong assumption that D810 would work as well. However I noticed this morning that I can't even access Bridge in CS3 now, as it crashes each time.  This is new problem and wasn't the case yesterday.


            You mentioned that while I do not use Nikon View NX2, the "Nikon Transfer" may possibly be corrupting them. Never having that problem before I am not sure what you mean.  Is there a resolve to this?


            All the computers I have are using  either Mac OS 10.11.6 or 10.11.5


            Many thanks again for your assistance.

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              Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

              The camera raw updates are cumulative are far as camera coverage, meaning camera raw covers the same cameras as older versions and adds new camera support with each version plus bug fixes, so you want to stay with camera raw 9.1.1


              How are you getting nefs from your D 810 to the computer?

              If you want to use Nikon Transfer download the latest update for Nikon ViewNX 2 or Nikon View NX-i and use the Nikon Transfer that comes with that.

              Nikon | Download Center



              If you've erased the card and no longer have access to the corrupt nefs you can fix them using this utility.

              Fix Corrupted Nikon NEF Images

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                PSCS6 - ACR Plugin Level 1

                We always shoot a RAW and High Rez JPEG.  We then use one of a couple Lexar Pro card readers and transfer the files straight to a custom folder that we create on the desktop.  From there we use Bridge to edit the shots.  We've done it that way since 2002 when we purchased our first Nikon D1X. Since then we've had several other high end digital Nikons and this is the first time we've had so much trouble.


                I do understand how the cumulative coverage works.  *Here is an after thought.  I did make a mistake and downloaded 9.9 first.  I realized my error right away but I was rushing a screwed up. I then downloaded 9.1.1 and installed it.  Do you think this mess up on my part is the cause of the problem?  I didn't think of that until this morning. 


                Do you think if I was to remove what plugins I do have for RAW, and start from scratch with 9.1.1, that it might have a positive result? Or for that matter uninstall Photoshop altogether?  I am not sure how to remove a plugin.  Never have had to, I'd appreciate you direction on the process if you feel it's worth the effort.


                Anyway thank you for the link to fix the corrupted Nikon NEF images, but unless I'm wrong that wouldn't apply to me since I never used a Nikon Transfer download?  Do I have that right?

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                  Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

                  You could try reinstalling camera raw 9.11 using the Camera Raw 9.1.1 installer from here:


                  Camera Raw installer for Adobe Photoshop CC and CS6



                  If you don't use any nikon software, then you can disregard the part about fixing the corrupt nef files using that mentioned utility.


                  Possibly there is a problem with the card readers, so maybe try hooking up the camera directly to usb and see how that works.

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                    PSCS6 - ACR Plugin Level 1

                    I will do what you suggest and get back to you later today.  Pretty sure there is nothing wrong with the card readers but I have others I can try.


                    Thanks again, Kelly.

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                      PSCS6 - ACR Plugin Level 1



                      We did it! I removed all my Adobe products from the desktop and reinstalled the software and then updated the plugin to 9.1.1.  This worked with CS6.


                      However, on the laptop with CS5, I still have the same issue.  I can't read the Nikon D810 RAW files.  Wouldn't 9.1.1 be the correct version for it as well?

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                        Richard Southworth Level 3

                        Nope, CS5 ended with ACR 6.7, I believe.


                        Cameras supported by Camera Raw


                        Richard Southworth

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                          PSCS6 - ACR Plugin Level 1

                          Richard,  I was digging around after I posted to Kelly really early this morning and realized that the last update is 6.7 as you pointed out.  Thanks!. 


                          I've been trying to download it from the Adobe website and that has become another problem in itself. While I have no problem downloading just about anything with our high speed connection, I have had issues with a few of these Adobe links.  They get about half way and crap out.  Even if this does download I'm not so sure it will allow us to read the D810 RAW files.

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                            Richard Southworth Level 3

                            It won't, per the link I provided ACR 8.6 is required.  You can go the DNG route or update Photoshop on your laptop.  You really are trying to "swim upstream" sticking with CS5.


                            Richard Southworth

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                              PSCS6 - ACR Plugin Level 1



                              By any chance do you have any idea why some Adobe plugins download without any issue while others do not?  9.1.1 for CS6 downloads fine and well under a minute.  Version 6.7 for CS5 takes forever and keeps timing out after it reaches about 55mb and or 20 or so minutes of trying. 

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                                PSCS6 - ACR Plugin Level 1

                                Hi Richard,  Thanks for your help.  As expected it didn't work.


                                I understand that upgrading will resolve the problem but this laptop is one we simply use to review the images we just shot on set.  No editing short of very rare occasions so CS5 sufficed until we bought this D810.  I can't even get the plug in for the D800 to upload on this computer now yet I've done it before.  I've never had such trouble.  it's always been pretty turnkey.


                                I think I will just view the JPEGs since is merely used as a quick edit tool.  Our primary computers work fine.


                                Thanks again!

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                                  Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

                                  You can convert the Nikon D 810 nefs to dng copies using the adobe dng converter and cs5 will open the dngs in camera raw.


                                  Adobe - Adobe Camera Raw and DNG Converter : For Macintosh : Adobe DNG Converter 9.9


                                  Camera Raw: How to use Adobe DNG Converter - YouTube