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    Difficulty with audio portion of mp4 file in Elements 14


      I have been using a Vixia HFR 700 HD video camera to tape videos for some time.  I have never had an issue editing them using Elements 14 on my PC.  Recently, I made several videos on the same memory card and downloaded them to my PC for editing.  This time 4 out of the 7 videos play just fine when loaded as media on timeline for editing, but the other 3 won't play properly.  I enter them as project assets, move them to the timeline, and when I hit play the video plays fine but after about 5 seconds, the audio starts skipping and rambles on in a scrambled skipping mess.  The audio goes haywire for the balance of the 10-15 minute video.  I've tried rendering with no change in result.  The videos play fine on my PC using windows media player, but when I try to play them on Elements, the audio won't sync to the video.  The weird part is that other videos recorded on the same memory card at the same time work fine.  Is there a setting or adjustment that I can make to sync the audio to the video?  Tools or effects?  I really need these videos...any suggestions? Thx!