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    Preview doesn't look like uploaded website

    spacman75 Level 1

      Hi all


      I am relatively new to Muse and I am working on my first project. So far I have been working on my master page with the header, footer and menus. I continually upload new versions to the web and a couple of days ago I had my layout perfected but wanted to make a couple of changes. Last night I uploaded the recent version of my site to find that it was no longer reading my layouts for anything other than the 1920 px breakpoint. I spent the last couple of days working on my mobile and tablet breakpoints and had them laid out perfectly but now they are just being scaled by the browser size. When I look at the page in "preview page in browser" it works perfectly but as soon as I upload it to the web I get this.



      I have tried switching from fluid to fixed widths on each of the breakpoints. I have tried deleting all of the files on my server and re-uploading these files but nothing is working. I have tried it in chrome as well as Firefox but get the same result. Any ideas on what's going on.


      My web domain is: stratosphericfilming.uk/test



      Any suggestions would be appreciated.