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    System Info, Free Memory: 2MB

    federico platon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      Whenever I open System Info in Photoshop CC (2017.1,or any former version) I see a puzzling line that says: Free Memory: 2MB


      Photoshop and any other Creative Cloud application seems to perform OK.

      I have 32GB of DDR4 RAM installed (Windows 10 64bit) and it's available and used by open applications.


      I would like to know exactly what it means and if that value can affect performance and how can be changed, (I see the System Info of other computers with a value close to the free or available memory, the difference between total memory and the used by OS and apps).

      Also the reported screen size or display bounds (in System info)  is 2560, while I have a 5k monitor (5120x2880). I guess it is a detect limitation?


      I attach a capture with some data. Thanks.