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    CC applications and proxies

    LucaRavage Level 1



      At my office I'm behind a proxy with login/pass to access internet. After 3 attempts with wrong login/pass coming from my PC (either a browser or any application), my connexion is totally blocked and I've to ask admins to unblock it.


      I use the following CC services on my office PC: Assets (files sync with the cloud), Acrobat DC and Photoshop CC,


      CC pannel and Assets (files sync) works as expected: the first time it asked me my proxy login/pass, and it uses it since on each connexion => no issue. The same for Acrobat DC: everything works fine.


      But it is not the same for Photoshop CC. Each time I launch it my connexion is immediatly blocked! Which means that Photoshop tries to connect the internet without using the proxy login/pass, and without asking it to me. And I cannot find any setting allowing me to give it the information - I assume it is expected to retrieve it from CC panel, but obviously it doesn't!


      What can I do either to force Photoshop to use the proxy login/pass, or to prohibit any connexion coming from it?


      My Adobe Photoshop Version : 2017.0.1 20161130.r.29 2016/11/30:23:00:00 CL 1099099  x64