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    Illustrator collides with InDesign, InDesign frozen on the grabber tool


      Adobe product: Illustrator, InDesign CS6

      on a MacBook Pro, late 2011 / Sierra 10.12.3


      I'm not sure whether my post belongs to the InDesign or Illustrator threads. Anyhow, I'll appreciate your help!


      After uninstalling and reinstalling a whole CS6 package a couple of months ago (due to a recurring problem - shutting for no reason), it seems like my Illustrator and InDesign collide disabling me from using two programs at the same time.


      What happens: I can use InDesign alone, for however long I want. However, if I open Illustrator in the background (and work switching between programs) and then go back to InDesign, it is usually (sometimes it happens later than other times) frozen on a grabber tool. I cannot switch to any other tool and if I press (say to create a text frame) the grabber tool starts "grabbing" - it cannot actually grab anything, so the result is I cannot do anything. The only way around this is to restart my computer. Restarting the program only doesn't work.


      As most of the time I work simultaneously in Illustrator and InDesign, this bug is literally costing me time.


      Is there any way around this problem other than uninstalling and reinstalling Adobe again? I know it is usually the answer to most of the problems here, but I feel super discouraged after being faced with new problems and bugs every time I reinstall the products It takes ages and seeing new bugs coming up is very frustrating. A conspiracy theorist in me is thinking it's a mean way of getting people who still use old CS's to switch to CC.


      Thanks for any tips!