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    exmancmd /install panel.zxp getting -411

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      Hi All,

      When we try to install panel in a specific environment in all the systems we are getting -411 error, which denotes compatible app not found We can still open the Premiere pro in the same machine.

      We tried to install the panel for 2017.0.1 and 2017.0.2 both are not working in this specific environment with windows os.

      On further checking we found that when we try the /list all command its not showing all the products name in the command prompt

      exmancmd /list all

      0 extension installed for others

      status    extension name version



      but in other environments we get

      0 extension installed for Photoshop cc 2017 64

      status    extension name version


      0 extension installed for Premiere Pro CC 2017

      status    extension name version



      Can someone give a solution for this

      Thanks and Regards,

      Anoop NR

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          Hi Anoop,

          Did you get this figured out? I work with InDesign and I am facing the same problem.

          I upgraded InDesign to the latest version (13.0.1) and since then 'ExManCmd.exe /list all' would not list InDesign as a product on my Windows machine. However, on my Mac, 'ExManCmd --list all' lists the same latest version of InDesign 13.0.1. I have tried many things but can not seem to get around this.

          If something worked for you, it may work for me.

          Thanks, Swati.