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    Indesign Macros (when a script is a sledge hammer)

    ClaytonKing Level 1

      I know scripting is very powerful. But for folks like me who don't understand it, I'm wondering if there's a way to create a simple macro - either in Indesign or with a third-party app - that would perform simple actions.


      I am laying out a book where imported text has codes for formatting. Text is coming from multiple authors and sometimes comes in Word, notepad and even html (that's another whole conversation). For example,


      John, having been to the store, and having already forgotten to pick up eggs, decided on cheese instead.

      The decision, once made, had him settled in to his chair at the table for the next three hours, pouring over the manuscript Susan just delivered.

      These are three separate paragraphs. I have paragraph styles set up named "fleuron," "Body Section First," and "Body Justified."

      The fleuron style uses bullets and hidden text to "hide" the word "<fleuron>" and use a glyph for a bullet (which creates a section mark in the manuscript).

      The Body Section First style keeps the next paragraph at the left margin, uses smallcaps for the first five words.

      Body Justified is my main body copy style.


      In terms of the macro, I'd like to place my cursor in the first paragraph, and upon execution, have the macro tag the first paragraph as Fleuron, go the next next paragraph and tag it as Body Section First.


      Any thoughts? And thanks for any advice!