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    CS2 Clone Stamp Overlay/Preview???

    stephshanks Level 1

      Good morning,


      I am a new user of CS2, I have previously used the old photoshop 7 (cs1.1) and at one point had access to CS4.


      Is it true that there is no overlay option for the clone stamp tool in CS2?  I cannot see the preview in the spot, which makes it very difficult to line up areas I am cloning.  I don't recall ever being without the overlay even in the old 7 version, but I could be mistaken as that was a long time ago..... prehaps this is only available on more recent versions.  CS4 spoiled me and I'm not sure I can handle this!  


      So.....I suppose my question is this:  can someone either instruct me on how to make the overlay work, or confirm that it is not an option for CS2?


      Thank you very much,