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    merged sub projects

    TheMarcus7 Level 1
      Working from Peter's excellent presentation on making webhelp, you'd have a parent folder and a child folder containing your sub-projects. Could one of those sub-projects itself be a parent which is calling on sub-sub-projects?

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Only if you have good friends who will come and visit you while you spend time talking to the walls!

          Why do you want to go that route, maybe there is an alternative method to that end.

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            TheMarcus7 Level 1
            We've been working on migrating from compiled help to webhelp. One of the biggest bottlenecks is that we have 13k+ message files that need to be accessible from Help. These message files are text files using HTML tagging created by engineers and reviewed by a writer but not really managed like the rest of our Help. Currently the message topics are generated via script and compiled as a .chm with a single landing page containing an alphabetical list.

            My idea was that a project containing the landing page would be the message sub-master project and I would find some way to chunk the messages into the sub-sub-projects. I could then call the message sub-master just like any other merged project, which could in turn call the sub-sub projects as needed.

            What I'm trying to avoid is having a single project with 13k+ files. Next release it will be 13.5k, 14k, etc.

            I'd also like to know if there is a way to add files to a project from the command line with that project being under source control.
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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              To the best of my knowledge the command line can only be used to generate what is in the project, not add to it. Combine that with the fact that a merge within a merge is a nightmare, if not impossible, and it looks like you really need to be reconsidering the approach.

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                TheMarcus7 Level 1
                Well, you can add files to a project in source control from the command line, although my experience with adding files using the RoboSource Control rather than RoboHTML has been less than encouraging.

                Thanks for your help, you've saved me many hours down a long dark road.