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    Missing Catalogues and presets


      Hi, I have just opened my LR and ALL of my catalogues and folders are not there, apart from one, which is the very first shoot I ever did. I have then gone to Develop and all my presets are gone too, apart from the standard LR ones. I am using a PC with LR 2015.5. LR is showing that my hard drive only has 155 images on it yet I know there are thousands. I believe all the images are still actually on my pc but why is all the folders and catalogues suddenly not showing in LR and why has all my presets gone? Any help appreciated. Thanks

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          Per Berntsen Adobe Community Professional

          Have you created several catalogs? Go to File > Open recent, and see if the catalog you want is listed there.


          LR is showing that my hard drive only has 155 images on it yet I know there are thousands.

          Lightroom will only show the images you have imported in the catalog that is currently open.

          Having one catalog only (recommended) will enable to see all the images that you have imported.

          Images you have not imported, or folders you have not imported anything from will never be visible, LR is not a file browser.

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            andrewo22485052 Level 1



            Thanks for your response. The thing is, whenever I have done a shoot, I import straight into LR and create a folder for that particular shoot. Every time I then load LR, all my folders with my different shoots are listed on left. However, for some reason none of the folders are there any more. I understand that if I have moved the original then LR cannot find it, however the folder would still show but with a question mark against it, but this is different, the actual folders, with all my shoots in, have gone. I have managed to locate the raw files on my hard drive, so at least I know they are still there, but I don't understand why all the folders have vanished. My workflow is kinda ruined.

            Thing is, all those folders had the shoots in as raw files but edited. Now I have the original raw files on the disk without edit, or the JPEGS I have converted. I just don't understand why all my workflow has suddenly disappeared.


            I'm not sure if all of that made sense in how I explained it ha

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              Brad Polt-Jones Level 3

              You are most likely looking at an earlier Lightroom catalog. Lightroom is a database, not a file browser, so the catalog you're currently viewing doesn't show your current folder structure because those folders were not created yet in this older version of the Catalog.


              As Per said above, Go to File > Open Recent to see newer versions of your Lightroom catalog.  Hopefully this will solve your problem.

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                cmgap Adobe Community Professional

                Please provide some more information. Have you recently updated Lightroom? Have you searched your drive for .lrcat files? Run a search on  your system and post a screen shot of the results.

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                  andrewo22485052 Level 1

                  Thank you all for your help.


                  I have now resolved this.


                  As advised I went to Open recent, I could see a catalogue titled 'Portraits'. I opened this and bang, all my folders are back and my workflow has returned. I am still not sure why this happened in the first place, but all is well again now. I thought I understood how LR works with its folders etc, but this has made me realise I do not, especially catalogues, so I am going to read up more on this now.


                  Cant thank you all enough, I was really stressing.

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                    cmgap Adobe Community Professional

                    Others may disagree with this however you have the option in Preferences to have Lightroom Prompt You when you Open Lightroom to select the catalog you want to open each time. You might also delete any rogue, unused/unwanted catalogs to prevent the same issue from happening again.