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    Printing on demand


      Hey! So I've just found out that a company is offering my stock photos as prints. Now that's not a problem at all if they had bought a corresponding license for it but they haven't. I understand that the logic behind that is that they only show my portfolio on there and then once a customer buys a print they would buy a license BUT this is not personal use. The company buys the license and not the customer ordering the print so this is not allowed and the company would have to buy an extended license. Am I missing something?

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          MatHayward Adobe Employee

          Our partner api program does allow for this type of use. A customer is allowed to purchase a license on behalf of a client. Their client would be using the print for their personal use so it is allowed. Many sales are generated through this program. It's an excellent way to increase exposure to your portfolio. All sales are processed through your Adobe Stock account and commissions are added to your balance immediately.



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            lucam24642418 Level 1

            Okay I didn't know the whole buying a license on behalf of a client part existed that clears it up then, thanks!