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    Properties Bar Issue


      I am creating an editable PDF in Acrobat Pro and opening in Reader to test it out, but I'm having an issue with the properties bar being gray when I try to edit the text. When I open another editable PDF that I received from someone else, it works fine, but when I switch to the PDF I created, it goes gray. I've tried restarting Reader, only opening one file at a time, etc.


      Does anyone know what the issue might be? I've tried Googling and I'm not coming up with any solutions that have worked.

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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          It could be a number of issues.


          Make sure you have not created a PDF with the PDF/A standard or you are not in the PDF/A reading mode. This will be under the menu item "Edit => Preferences => Documents".


          Are you opening a form?

          Is the form field you are trying to set the "Text Properties" for have the "Allow Rich Text Formatting" option checked or is the object you are selecting a comment?


          The answer to both of the above questions needs to be "Yes" before the "Text Properties" bar will become active.


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